FESSChain- A Blockchain Company grown in India

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Existing systems on operational blockchains are crippled with huge network load. Hence, they are vulnerable to security threats apart from being obnoxiously slow.
Our uniquely designed blockchain makes best use of Artificial Intelligence and other such advanced authentication methods. Thereby, it dares to promote secure and safe transactions of any volume all across the globe.
Additionally, dealing with the existing loopholes in blockchain tech is necessary. These loopholes exist on both fundamental as well as operational fronts. For this, FESSChain focuses on both security and scalability issues at a single go as the coexistence is necessary to achieve the true potential of the blockchain tech.

FESSChain- A Blockchain Company grown in India

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FESSChain- A Blockchain Company grown in India
FESSChain- A Blockchain Company grown in India
FESSChain Is a Decentralized Platform Focusing on Building Blockchain Based Robust Business Solutions.
FESSChain- A Blockchain Company grown in India


The technology behind fess makes it unique in various aspects. The ecosystem combines speed with security in practical means.

Most of the projects running at present either claim to deliver speed or safety. None of them has sincerely found a solution for scalability where people can easily transact with supersonic speed or can run a DApps with the full potential.

FESS dares to not only work on this issue but also solve it.

What’s new with FESS?

FESS does not only suggest a way to harness the true potential of blockchain but also put the best steps forward to make it suitable for implementation at all scales.

Proof of Stake

Fesschain is a multi-layered blockchain, where both recording and verifying of transactions on the network takes place in a two-step procedure

Different from Sharding

FESS is combining Proof of Stake (PoS) methodology with AI and basic features of sharding to create a new blockchain. The main chain verifies every block with Bitcoin blockchain mined blocks, which makes FESS practically unhackable. Even if someone hacks into our blockchain, the very next block verifies back and returns where the original verified block was mined.

Neutrino Framework

The FESSChain is driven by the powerful Neutrino Framework which is the key to its speed amplification with the increasing volume of data. The Framework makes sure the blockchain doesn’t clog with the unnecessary data so that the maximum transaction speed can be ensured even at the high transaction requests.


Apart from numerous other advanced features, fess comes with a real-world value. We are working on our vision that advocates for one token powering every necessity. Fortunately, the fess tokens are on its way to achieve our dream of becoming a true utility.

Moreover, a young and enthusiastic team with a multivariate background and relevant industry experiences stands as the backbone of this project.